• UK GovCamp 2015

    6am Saturday the 24th I headed down to London for UK GovCamp 2015 – an unconference centered on […]

  • Servers for Hackers

    After hearing a lot of good things about Servers for Hackers by @fideloper I joined the mailing list, […]

  • Adding gallery transitions to Nivo Lightbox

    Nivo Lightbox isn’t the most widely known of Dev7studios products, but it’s a solid and simple image slider. […]

  • Running the API on their PAAS

    I recently setup a small server monitoring script using the APIs from Gandi and – both services […]

  • Red Lodge Conservation Group

    Lately I’ve been working with the conservation group in a local village. They were awarded Big Lottery funding […]

  • Resolving wpautop and Shortcode problems

    Background WordPress offers quite a friendly hybrid WYSIWYG / HTML editor that makes publishing easy even for those […]

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    One of the big problems with Responsive Web Design is dealing with fixed size elements, especially iFrames and […]

  • Advanced CPT Filtering in WordPress

    Prior to WordPress 3.1 you could only use one meta_key : meta_value : meta_compare in a query_posts. This […]

  • UK GovCamp 2012 in review

    As mentioned on Thursday, Friday was the 5th UK GovCamp and the biggest yet. The day started well […]