MediaElement.js Joomla plugin released

Just a short announcement that I released a plugin to enable use of MediaELement.js in Joomla on GitHub recently.
It is in it’s early stages – functional but lacking a couple of features. Hopefully I will be able to add more support for non-core MediaElement.js features of the next weeks/months.



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  1. PrettyMaster avatar

    Thanks for the share! Very useful info!

  2. […] The MediaElement.js plugin for Joomla I released on GitHub has now been updated to v0.4. Significantly it adds support for more file formats and fixes one annoying bug. Find the post about the original release here. […]

  3. Edgardo Englebrecht avatar
    Edgardo Englebrecht

    I definitely like this post. If it’s not too much trouble post more tutorials…

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